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Asher emerged from a collaboration between Simon Miller and Asher Fabric Concepts in 2023. 
Aiming to introduce a new elevated sportswear brand their shared vision was to craft high-quality garments entirely sourced, designed, and manufactured in Los Angeles.
The fusion of Simon's design expertise and Asher Fabric Concepts' innovative fabric concepts offers a refreshing twist on staple pieces. 
Through this synergy they are redefining the standards of quality and style in the fashion industry and setting a new benchmark for classic sportswear.

Simon Miller

Simon Miller began his career in 2001, establishing FABRIC, a multi-brand store situated in Auckland, New Zealand. After moving to Los Angeles in 2006 he launched his eponymously named brand in 2008. Capitalizing on the brand's success, he introduced fabric-brand, a premium denim line crafted in Japan. Concurrently, Simon collaborated with the Ron Herman team in Los Angeles to launch Ron Herman denim in Japan. In 2014, he assumed the role of Creative Director at Citizens of Humanity, further expanding his influence in the fashion industry. After a short break Miller has continued his design journey in 2023 by collaborating with Asher Shalom and launching ASHER in the global marketplace.

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Asher Fabric Concepts

At the heart of Los Angeles, Asher Fabric Concepts stands as a testament to over 30 years of textile expertise. For us, fabric is the core of who we are, driving our commitment to crafting sustainable luxury knits through pioneering discussions with luxury brands. With an unwavering dedication to quality and environmental stewardship, we invite you to join our fabric journey, where tradition meets innovation, and every stitch tells a story of passion and purpose.

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